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Increase Your Website Engagement Turn visitors to leads Collect names, emails and phone numbers

Highly Trained and Tailored Chatbots

Instantly answered questions,  are highly trained and tailored exactly for your needs. Can act as sales person, support, know all your web page and can be taught for something extra if you wish. 

Chatbots never sleep, does not have vacations, headache, are never bored, does not speak with colleagues or losing time smoking, eating and doing other stuff than work.They are always happy and serving to your customers.

YES. 95 languages

Convert customers in their language

We wish to find someone who will use all those languages 🙂

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Email Marketing
Create awesome sequences and send valuable emails to your potencial clients

Email marketing involves sending promotional messages or newsletters directly to a targeted group of people via email, aiming to engage customers and encourage business activities. It's a cost-effective digital marketing strategy that allows businesses to personalize content, track engagement, and build relationships with their audience.

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Online course and comunity
Shoot awesome videos, create whole courses for your clients and comunity

You can start creating your own course atract new customers who you will sell whole courses or just a video. You can as well start growing your comunity and loyal customers and give them huge value. You can eve give them all it for FREE if you want.

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Connect your social media
Connect all your social media accounts and have all statistics on one spot

With our app you can connect your socail media. You can use social planner and have all statistics and important datas on one app. 

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Digital Marketing
Let us show you how AI can help you create awesome results for you
Made by the best team

Reinventing the Way you perceive CRM

Our CRM is way more than just CRM.

All you need in marketing, sales, webdesign, call tracking, sms marketing, course creating and much more in one app. 

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AI callbot
We have AI callbot for you. We can tailor and set up exact for your needs.

An AI-based call bot is an innovative solution that proactively reaches out to customers with personalized phone calls, using advanced artificial intelligence to deliver timely and relevant information. This tool enhances customer engagement and satisfaction by ensuring consistent communication and follow-up, making it an essential upgrade for any business focused on proactive customer service and retention. This is one of few tools that is not for FREE.

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Workflow automations
With our workflow automations you can set up and cover every posible situation.

Once we set up an automation for you from that moment you do not need to take care about it anymore. We can connect more than 6000 apps together than you can have all reachable on one click. With using AI you it jumps on whole different level. 

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eBook creator
You can have eBooks about anything you ask. We are using AI to create.

Write eBook awesome looking ebook about anything you want. Send it to your customers or potential customers and show them you can bring them value. We can create one eBook for you for FREE as sample than you can decide if to buy more for reasonable price 🙂

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Create e-commerce store
Create and sell products from store, connect payment gate and follow up all your clients
Workflow automations

Different way to selling products

Attracting new client is just a beginning.

You have to keep that client and let him spend more money with you. 

This is where AI and automation can really help.  

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Blog posts creating
You don't have time to create your blog? We can deliver AI blog posts in minutes

Blog posts can be crutial for so many web pages. We can create blog posts for your ( wordpress only ) web pages. As well if you have affiliate blog page we can write for you review articles for any products, link it with your affiliate ID, link it wit your other articles on your web pages. Price for one article we want to keep under 1 USD. 

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Domain heating
Are you sending tons of emails? Do you have your domain heated up?

If you are sending lots of emails you need to heat your domain. Its important because from domain with good scoring you end in right mail box and not in spam or promotion etc. This is why domain heating. There are more rules to follow. But for you there is just one. Contact us and we will take care about it for FREE. 

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Lead gen. machine
Never Struggle To Keep Your Calendar Full Again

Generating leads or we can say atracting new potencial customers can be really important if you want your business grow. We are using AI and automation methods to full fill your calendars with appoinments, calls or sales to your new customers in B2B ( business to business ) or B2C ( business to customer ). Contact us and we will see if or how we can help. This is one of few options which is not for FREE

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SMS marketing
Send unlimited SMS every month from your number
Made by the best team

Experience the difference

Send your message straight to the pocket, hand, purse of your potential client.

Send unlimited SMS with our solution. Use SMS in workflows and automations combine it with emails and other direct messaging to socials and experience the difference.

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Let the numbers talk!

What impact can AI have to all Businesses.


Customers Are Optimistic about AI


Organizations support AI


Businesses adopted AI


To World's GDP till 2030

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Everything what we do, is to help you grow. Our AI solutions can amaze you as nothing in the past.

From ideas to realization
From ideas to realization
Social media in one spot
Social media in one spot
Whole internet supports you
Whole internet supports you

What industry do we focus on the most?

Here you can find industry where we can help most.

Fitness, Gym's, Joga studios etc.
Real estate brokers and companies
Car dealers
Hair salons
Home services
Martial Arts

And much more

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This is the place driven fully by our AI tools. This is what you can have as well. This is one of our services whats not for FREE but for small monthly fee depended on how many articles you need. Our AI tools can write about anything you want.