What's marketing for us

Marketing Our Way

Is done by professionals using AI and full of automation.

Let us explain

Running campaign?

Facebook, Google, TikTok, LinkedIn

Step 1. in minute leads come

Lead comes from campaign. In that moment our automation start working. Leads getting SMS:

SMS: Thank you for your interest in our .......... if you need something give us a call on ...

Step 2. same time as lead comes

Leads is called by AI callbot
Call: You clicked on our campaign on Facebook, are you still interested in our product? ( House, any goods, marketing product, forex trading etc. ) Ok sounds good. Is possible to set up meeting with our specialist? ETC.

Step 3. Appointment booked

Automatically sending SMS and email with

SMS: Hi Lead we have scheduled appointment tomorrow at 2PM on this address. Looking forward

Let us explain

Stunning web page?

Have tailored AI chatbot

Chatbot is collecting names and emails to send eBook, or invite to webinar.

Lead goes to CRM and automation starting flow. Email sent to lead with eBook, or something valuable. ( newsletter, webinar, video, discounts etc. )

Change missed call into appointment

You have missed call. We all know potentional customer will call another seller

Or you can have set up automation like this: Sorry we missed your call. Right now we can't call back. If you want to schedule an appointment here is link for it. Otherwise we will call once we can. Thx

Classify leads

Create survey for lead classification and spread those leads into your team
Or let AI callbot to do it. Here is an example: Hi Mr. Buyer. As i can see here you are in the market for buying new house right? Do you have any specific location you want to live? OK. How big house you are looking for? OK. Is you budget bigger than XY or lower? Ok can you come this week to our office to look at potential houses? Sure friday 3PM is ok. Thank you
Do you got our point?

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